Depp Says He Would Do a 21 Jump Street Cameo

Star is eager to appear in the reboot of his 80’s TV series.

Last week it was officially announced that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum were to star in Columbia Pictures’ ’21 Jump Street.’ Hill, who also scripted the movie has said the film is going to be a “hard-core, R-rated movie” that keeps the same premise as the TV show: young-looking cops go undercover at high schools to crack down on youth crime.

During an interview with MTV last month about the script, Hill revealed that he wrote a cameo role for Johnny Depp to return to the project that kick-started his career, and even made an on-camera pitch to Depp, joking: “Just do it, dude. Don’t be an a–hole.”

But it seems that someone forgot to actually get in contact with the star. During a press junket for his new movie, ‘The Tourist,’ Depp told MTV, “I’ve said I’m into it, but no one’s actually approached me… Call him. I’m in. I think it’d be pretty easy.”

Whether Depp would reprise his role as Tom Hanson — perhaps now the chief of police? — remains to be seen.


The Tourist opens in Irish cinemas December 10th 2010