Dent Rolls Into Town

Forget Super Tuesdays and all that malarkey, Harvey Dent needs YOU! The current viral campaign for ‘The Dark Knight’ took to the streets this weekend promoting the name Harvey Dent for District Attorney of Gotham City but don’t take our word from it. Here’s a clip of the man himself!




You can head here to see which towns the Dentmobiles are visiting. It appears many a Dentite was out to support the man himself! (alas, only in America)
















One young scholar out to support to Dent . Too young to vote, perhaps, but Harvey Dent isn’t about votes, he’s about ACTION!














The press arrives. Dent is finally gathering momentum…















Dent fans rally calling for justice for Gotham!
















But it wasn’t all well-wishers, Dent-Dissidents were out to have their say…


Ok so it’s corny as hell, but you got to hand it to them the current Harvey Dent campaign really looks to have caught on. For more videos and photos from the nationwide Dentmobile tour, head over to the You in Action page. With the film just three month’s away we can expect lots more to come, we’ll keep you updated on all things Batman as the story progresses.