Danny Boyle Offers to Put Vincent Cassel into TRANCE

Third time a charm for Boyle?

Danny Boyle’s thriller ‘Trance’ is having a hard time trying to lock down an actor for one of the movie’s leads

As previously reported, Michael Fassbender who was attached to play the movie’s second lead, Aiden, had to leave the thriller due to scheduling conflicts. Then Colin Firth was being sought for the role, but the actor turned down the part for unknown reasons.

Now, according to Twitch, an offer is out to Vincent Cassel (‘Black Swan’) to take the role.

The French actor would be playing the leader of a gang of thieves that teams up with an auction house assistant named Simon (played by James McAvoy) who has masterminded an art heist. Thing take an unexpected turn when Simon suffers a blow to the head and wakes up with amnesia. As he is the only one who knows the location of the stolen art, the other thieves in the gang become suspicious of him and bring in a hypnotist to search his mind.