Daniel Radcliffe Talks Potter

Daniel Radcliffe likens the new Harry Potter film to Trainspotting.

Daniel Radcliffe has compared ‘Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince’ to ‘Trainspotting’.

In the latest issue of Empire, director David Yates remarked that the sixth franchise entry will offer “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”.

Responding to his director’s comments, Radcliffe said: “There’s obviously no sex in the book, it’s all subtext, but there is a fair amount of sexual energy and there are some drug parallels.

“We have a couple of what David calls our ‘Trainspotting moments’. That’s two films I never thought would be mentioned in the same breath… There’s a great balance. The light parts are lighter than before and the dark parts are extremely dark.”

Yates confirmed that he intends to start the movie with a huge action sequence.

“We’re opening with a big attack,” he said. “Jo [Rowling] talks about it in the book, but we’re going to show it. We’ll bring a major London landmark crashing down. It should be quite spectacular.”

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince is scheduled for release on November 21st.