Daniel Day Lewis for Sherlock Holmes 2

Elementary my Day Lewis…

Sherlock Holmes 2 is scheduled for a December 2011 release, almost 2 years to the day of the original film’s release date.

While little is known of the sequel as yet, it is widely assumed that Professor Moriarty will be lead villain in the movie. The iconic villain made a shadowy appearance in the first movie, but never showed his face.

Fans speculated that the voice belonged to Brad Pitt, which was denied by director Guy Ritchie. Sources working on the film have let slip that Richie is hoping to attract Daniel Day-Lewis to the role of Moriarty. Lewis is no stranger to enigmatic villains, having won an oscar for his dark portrayal in There Will Be Blood.

Three other names being courted for the role of Moriarty are Gary Oldman, Javier Bardem and Sean Penn.