Cusack and DeNiro Check into MOTEL

Stars to topline indie thriller.

John Cusack (‘The Frozen Ground,’ ‘Grand Piano’) and Robert DeNiro (‘Last Vegas,’ ‘Killer Elite’) are attached to star in David Grovic’s indie thriller ‘Motel.’

“A self-loathing professional thief commits to one final job before he retires: to simply steal a bag with mysterious contents for the gruesome mob boss, Dragna. Waiting for the exchange at a seedy, roadside motel, Jack’s only plain is incessantly interrupted by various oddball motel patrons, the creepy motel manager, a corrupt small-town sheriff, and a beautiful runaway, Carol.

Desperately focused on finishing the job clean, it becomes apparent that there will be no easy out as the hours tick on and the bodies pile up. After multiple attempts at Jack’s life and after subduing Carol’s tirelessly annoying curiosity, Jack slowly begins to understand in the end that this is no ordinary job at all, but a full-circle conclusion to his haunting past.”

Dominic Purcell (‘Straw Dogs,’ ‘Killer Elite’) and Rebecca DaCosta (‘Entourage’) co-star. Grovic co-wrote the script with Paul Conway.