Could We Be Seeing An R-Rated Version THE WOLVERINE?

New movie may feature two cuts.

While out promoting ‘Real Steel,’ Hugh Jackman told MTV that he has talked with ‘The Wolverine’ director James Mangold (‘3:10 to Yuma,’ ‘Walk the Line’) about the possibility of shooting two different cuts of the movie.

“There’s such great temptation to make an R-rated ‘Wolverine.’ I’ve always felt that, and I know a lot of fans would like that. If there’s ever going to be a superhero that is going to be R-rated, it’s going to be Wolverine.”

“However, in the last ten years, I’ve also met many, many 12, 13, dare I say 10, 14, 15 year-olds who, for them, Wolverine is not just cool, you see it in their eyes. He’s everything to them. So my thing is, which James Mangold and I talked about, is let’s not put it off the table.”

“There’s even a talk of us doing two versions, as in finding a way for us to do both while you shoot it, which could be really cool. But you need to have a really good reason to exclude those fans.”

Jackman also confirmed that he will move on to ‘The Wolverine’ when he wraps up on Tom Hooper’s ‘Les Misérables.’

‘Real Steel’ is released in cinemas on October 14th 2011.