Cloverfield Director Picks Next Project

Fearless, feisty and resolute, the “Rough Aunties” are a remarkable group of women unwavering in their stand to protect and care for the abused, neglected and forgotten children of Durban, South Africa. The outspoken, multiracial cadre of Thuli, Mildred, Sdudla, Eureka and Jackie wage a daily battle against systemic apathy, corruption and greed to help the most vulnerable and disenfranchised of their communities. Neither politics, nor social or racial divisions stand a chance against the united force of the women.

Matt Reeves, who shot to the A-list after directing ‘Cloverfield’, has picked his next project.

Though it was largely assumed the director would go straight to directing the in-the-works sequel, Reeves revealed that he will first direct pet projects — a psychological thriller called ‘The Invisible Woman ‘.

Despite its title, the film is not actually a movie about an invisible woman, its story instead involves a “woman that gets so desperate to save her family, that she goes to crazy lengths and enters a life of crime.” Reeves, who wrote the film himself, describes it as “a Hitchcockian thriller in the vein of Marnie.”

Extras: Reeves  previously wrote and directed the 90’s David Schwimmer comedy The Pallbearer, and co-wrote the screenplay for Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.