Charlie Kaufman

Original stage cast will lend their voices.

Back in July it was revealed that Charlie Kaufman was teaming up with ‘Community’ creator Dan Harmon and director Duke Johnson for a stop-motion animated feature based on Kaufman’s stage play ‘Anomalisa.’ Forward on ten months and the project has secured its voice cast.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan, and David Thewlis, who were part of Kaufman’s original stage production, are set to reprise their roles and lend their voices to the 50 minute film.

The film, financed entirely through Kickstarter, follows Michael (Thewlis), a celebrated motivational speaker travelling America, changing the lives of countless people. But in the course of transforming others, his life has become hollow and meaningless. One day he meets Lisa (voiced by Leigh), whose voice pierces through the veil of nothingness. She is the anomaly amongst the unanimity.

Production is already underway with Harmon, and regular collaborators Dino “Starburns” Stamatopoulos and Joe Russo serving as executive producers.