Carmen Electra Meet Miss Sparta

Two longtime NYPD partners on the trail of a stolen, rare, mint-condition baseball card find themselves up against a merciless, memorabilia-obsessed gangster. Jimmy the veteran detective whose missing collectible is his only hope to pay for his daughter’s upcoming wedding, and Paul is his “partner-against-crime” whose preoccupation with his wife’s alleged infidelity makes it hard for him to keep his eye on the ball.

There’s only one thing stopping Carmen Electra in her mission to become a
serious actress – she just can’t keep her clothes on.
The former Playboy model, dancer and reality TV star celebrates her 36th
birthday next month (April) but she’s nowhere near finished with the raunchy
In many ways she’s the female equivalent of the Spartan hunks who ripple
their muscular bodies through her latest movie – a comedy spoof of 2007
movie hit 300.
In Meet the Spartans, Carmen plays Queen Margo – leader of the furious, and
this time funny, ancient Greeks and a madcap group of 13 warriors.
The gags flow, the pranks pile up and of course Carmen finds herself in
various stages of undress as the movie takes its Mickey-taking course.
Meet the Spartans defied critics by taking top spot in its opening weekend
in American and is bound to please Irish audiences who love a laugh and
who love their leading ladies and star fellas fit.
Carmen has no qualms about living up to her sex symbol status and plans to
put her stunning body to use for many more years to come to please her
legions of admirers.
Q: Tell us about ‘Meet the Spartans’.
A: “I play Queen Margo and it’s a spoof comedy on the movie 300. It’s very
funny and it was a lot of fun to make. It was just really cool to be a part
of another movie where I can show people that I have a sense of humour about
myself. It just helps lighten everything up.”
Q: What made you want to do this movie?
A: “When I read the script I just thought it was laugh-out-loud funny. It
was also so nice to be on a set where you can laugh and have a sense of
humour. I’m just happy it’s done so well because we were number one in
Q: Do you find people take you seriously as an actress?
A: “Not so much but that is because so many people in this industry only
have an image of me being able to do one thing. But I am an actress, and
there are a lot of sides to me. I like to make people laugh, for a start and
to be silly.  I think this movie shows I can do comedy – and a lot more
besides. I hope I can gradually find roles which aren’t just an extension of
my sexual image then I can show that I have a lot more to offer as an
Q: Do you ever wish you could keep your clothes on in a movie and not have to show off your body?
A: “No. I love it. It’s part of a whole image I created. I embrace it. I
love shooting scenes like that and doing fun poses in skimpy bikinis. I’ve
always been a big fan of Old Hollywood and all the sexy bombshells and
that’s how I see it. It’s just fun for me.”
Q: What do you think of your image as a sex symbol?
A: “I’m sexy. I feel sexy, I think that I look sexy, and I want to be sexy
for as long as I can so I have no problem with it.  I want to put out that
image. I like putting out that image. It’s my choice – and I just go for it.
I enjoy being a pin-up.”
Q: How do you stay looking so fit?
A: “I trained as a dancer and I still dance. I dance for myself most days.
But I’m not perfect. I’m very critical of myself. It’s taken me a long time
to work on that and embrace the flaws I have.”
Q: Would you ever consider plastic surgery to preserve your looks?
A: “When I get older I’d definitely consider getting a few nips and tucks.
Obviously I considered it for my breasts as I got implants. But the truth
is, I sometimes wish now I’d never done it, because I had nice boobs before.
They were small but they were nice. I only did it because I met this girl
who’d just had them done and she kept saying, ‘You’d look really great with
them – you should do it.’  Before, I made my own push-up bras. I didn’t have
much money so I’d sew shoulder pads into my bras (laughs). That worked great
until one day the pad fell out. That was pretty embarrassing, so then I
decided to do it. But I do regret it sometimes. I think I was fine the way I
Q: What’s your weirdest fan encounter?
A: “This was not so much an encounter but it was kind of weird. I was
watching a documentary on TV, back home in Los Angeles, and it was all about
the prison service and the people behind bars. There were lots of shots of
the cells and I noticed that most of the guys had posters of me up on the
walls. That was weird but also pretty neat – very flattering, in fact.”
Q: Do you regret posing naked for Playboy early in your career?
A: “That was a major learning process for me but I don’t regret a second of
the experience.  I’d told my family that dancing was what I wanted to do,
and then I had to call them and say ‘Well, hold on to your hats, I’m going
to appear in Playboy’. You know what, no-one said a thing other than ‘Go for
it, girl!’ When it came out, my Grandmother actually took a few copies of
the magazine to the beauty salon where she goes to have her hair done, and
passed them around.  She told me that the other old ladies were admiring the
shots for hours.  Bless them.”
Q: Finally, there are still rumours of a Baywatch movie with you, Pamela
Anderson and David Hasselhoff. Do you think it will ever happen?

A: “I don’t know but I’m totally happy to have the chance to be a part of
it. We’ll have to wait and see how it works out. That’s how I look at
everything in my life. I’m an optimistic person. I’ve always been able to
set goals and achieve them and have an interesting life. In show business,
you’ve got to have a killer instinct. You’ve got to believe that you’re
going to make it no matter what obstacles stand in your way. If you don’t
believe in yourself, you’re dead.”

‘Meet The Spartans’ is now showing at Irish cinemas nationwide