Bruno opens pink light district in Amsterdam

Another Bruno story? Does Sacha Baron Cohen know how to create publicity or what?

Yes another Bruno story, and if you want more stories on Nicholas Cage then get him to start dressing up in funny costumes.

In his latest incarnation as gay Austrian fashion reporter Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen jet skied through the canals at the red light district in Amsterdam today to open a brothel full of men in thongs ahead of the Dutch premiere of ‘Bruno‘.

“For too long, guys coming here from around the world have been forced to have sex with women,” Cohen said, standing in front of a pink-lit brothel building in the Dutch capital as surprised tourists and stag party goers looked on.

“It gives me great pleasure to declare Amsterdam’s pink light district officially open for business,” he said, as about a dozen men emerged from behind curtains at the windows of a three-storey brothel.

After declaring the pink brothel open, Cohen left in a black car while the men left their rooms, put on white robes and waved goodbye to crowds. The real prostitutes, who had hidden from the flashing cameras, reopened their curtains to wait for their next clients in their red-lit windows.

Photos Of the event are below


Bruno is at Irish cinemas from July 10th