Bourne 4 Coming In 2011

Producer Frank Marshall suggested 2011 release date for Bourne 4….

Producer Frank Marshall has cleared up when we can expect to see Jason Bourne again.

Marshall, speaking via his Twitter page, has stated that screenwriter George Nolfi will have a draft complete by June of 2009,which would put the fourth Bourne film inline for a summer of 2011 release date.

Matt Damon is on board to return to the franchise, with Paul Greengrass in the director’s chair once again but only if the script is to their liking

Previously it has been reported that Bourne 4 would be based off of the Robert Ludlum’s non-Bourne novel, The Parsifal Mosaic however Matt Damon has stated the fourth film will be from an original script and not based on the book by Ludlum.