BLUE CAPRICE Helmer Remaking Korean Drama FAILAN

Will remake the 2001 drama…

Filmmaker Alexandre Moors (‘Blue Caprice’) is set to take the helm of an English-language remake of the South Korean film ‘Failan,’ says THR.

Adapted from the Japanese novel ‘Love Letter’ by Jiro Asada, the 2001 original was directed by Song Hae-sung and tells of a young woman (played by Cecilia Cheung) who enters into an arranged marriage with a gangster (Choi Min-sik) she’s never met and connects with him via a series of letters.

The remake, penned by Jose Rivera (‘Letters to Juliet,’ ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’), updates the story to America, with the young woman now a Russian immigrant who gets caught up in a human trafficking operation run by mobsters.

Bob Cooper and Tyler Mitchell of Landscape Entertainment will produce with Beacon Pictures’ Armyan Bernstein and Suzann Ellis.