Best Movies of 2010 So Far

Now that we’re half way through 2010, asks what has been the best movie of 2010… so far?

We’ve just passed the half way mark of 2010, just where did the last 7 months go?

We’ve had a quiet summer, thanks mostly to the World-Cup. Cinemas were the only place to escape the Vuvuzela sound, but blockbusters were thin on the ground. Now it’s all over we have juggernauts like Inception, Toy Story 3 and The A-Team packing them into Irish multiplexes.

2010 has brough over 160 movies to cinemas already, we’ve cut through the good and the bad and picked 40 of our favourites. But which comes out on top? Pick your five favourites from our suggestions below, or indeed add your own. We’ll reveal your winners next week!




Here’s your chance to vote, discuss, criticise or praise the best of 2010 (so far). Vote below!