Ben Affleck to Replay

Ben Affleck to helm Reply

Ben Affleck is reportedly eyeing the upcoming paranormal drama titled “Replay.”

First set up as a potential film in 1988, screenwriters such as Peter Hyams and Richard LaGravenese have turned in adaptations of Ken Grimwood’s novel over the years, while Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts have previously been attached. Now Jason Smilovic (“My Own Worst Enemy”) has written a new script which Affleck in line to helm.

The story follows a 45-year-old man who has a fatal heart attack while trying to prevent the murder of a jogger in New York’s Central Park. Instead of going to the great beyond, however, he is stuck in a “replay” of his life beginning at age 18 in Brooklyn. With his knowledge of the future, he changes his life and builds a financial empire, only to die again at age 45. The “replay” continues, however, as he and the murdered jogger fall in love and struggle to break the cycle of their repeating lives.

Aflleck’s current flick The Town is in Irish cinemas now.