Behind the Scenes of I Love You Man

Writer-director John Hamburg takes us behind-the-scenes of the ultimate bromance “I Love You, Man” and discusses his plans for the “Meet the Fockers” sequel “Little Fockers”.

With credits that include Zoolander, Meet the Parents and Along Came Polly, John Hamburg has been behind some of the most memorable movie comedies in recent years.

Now he’s team with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel for the ultimate bromance pic “I Love You, man”. Co-scripted and directed by Hamburg the film follows the odd-coupe of a real-estate agent (Rudd) whose only friends are women and a loafer (Jason Segel) reluctant to move into adulthood.

Here, Paul Byrne talks man to man about filming the bromantic flick, the comparisons to Judd Apatow and his upcoming script for Meet the Parents sequel “Little Fockers”.



“I Love You, Man, is in Irish cinemas now.