Beatlemania for Hairspray 2

The follow-up to last years hit musical will focus on UK 60s music.

We’re expecting a huge amount of musicals to hit cinemas over the coming months thanks mostly to the huge success of Mamma-Mia and Highschool Musical 3 at the box office.


First up is ‘Hairspray 2’, a sequel to last years success story, which itself was a remake of John Waters 1988 kitch classic.
This time around Hairspray will focus on the invasion of British music in the US during the 60s, namely the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In a recent interview director Adam Shankman said that the film will “move into the next era of music”. He said “That period was superpolitical, it was a time of serious change. We’re trying to track, in a comedic way, the historical elements.”


John Waters is helping script writers with ideas for the Hairspray follow-up but as reported last month John Travolta is ignoring the follow-up, claiming he’s not a big sequel guy.