JDIFF 2010 Highlights from this years Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

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What to see at the 2010 Dublin Film Festival...

It's the time of year again when several film buffs take a week off work and lock themselves into a cinema to catch up on the best of international cinema.

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (or JDIFF to use its snappier title) has been growing bigger every year since it's 2003 launch. Jameson is hoping to make 2010 the biggest year yet by spending €1.3 million online and offline to attract film fans to the festival.

Below, Brogen Hayes picks out the highlights of this years festival. We predict that Alice In Wonderland and Shutter Island will be amongst the first to sell out, neither hit Irish cinemas for at least three weeks after the festival. The Surprise film is always quick to sell out, so be sure to snap up a ticket to that fast!

Guests of the 2010 Dublin Jameson International Film Festival include Patricia Clarkson, who will attend the screenings of her three films being shown - Whatever Works, Shutter Island and Cairo Time and director Luca Guadagnino and actor Tilda Swinton attending the Closing Gala I Am Love. Other guests include Ciarán Hinds (Life During Wartime), and directors Kirk Jones (Everybody's Fine), Leslie Zemeckis (Behind the Burly Q), Samuel Maoz (Lebanon), Sally Potter (Orlando) and Academy Award winner Fernando Trueba (The Dancer and the Thief).

The Discovery Section of the festival is all about the films that are being discovered by audiences for the first time. The section includes Jasper Ganslandt's Ape - the story of one man's search to put reassemble events from his past and Altiplano - a film about the beauty of the images seen on screen juxtaposed with the ravages of war.

The First Look section includes films that are being shown in Ireland for the first time. Ones to watch in this section include Martin Scorsese's highly anticipated Shutter Island, Robert DeNiro vessel Everybody's Fine and Drew Barrymore's directorial debut Whip It, starring Ellen Page of Juno fame.

Real to Reel is JDIFF's documentary section. Films to catch include Broken Tail - an Irish produced documentary on the rare and elusive Indian Tiger and When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors - which promises to be just that.

This section does exactly what it promises and showcases the best of Russian cinema. Ones to watch out for are The Island - a spiritual parable set in a monastery on the White Sea and Sundance award winning Mermaid - seaside fairytale mixed with an urban romance.

This section, nor any other broken down by geography, is not just for those die hard fans, there are some films that put the spotlight on the nature of modern life. Films like Castaway On The Moon, which tells of one man's struggle with the recession is sure to hit a chord with audiences. South Korea's Oscar submission, Mother, is also being shown at the festival.

Within the Irish film section at JDIFF, there is plenty that Irish audiences can relate to, be it Between the Canals - an inner city Dublin gangster story, or The Fading Light, in which director Ivan Kavanagh shows that he really has a talent for observing the fractures in the modern Irish family.

The Out of the Past section, as the name suggests, showcases fantastic films from years gone by. This is another chance to see movies you may have missed, or indeed seen and loved, on the big screen. Ones to watch out for in this section are the ever classic La Dolce Vita, Sally Potter's adaptation of Viginia Woolf's novel Orlando. As well as this, the remarkable 2002 film, Russian Ark, will be shown as part of the Out of the Past section. Russian Ark tracks Russian history over 300 years in a single take, and is a must see in this years' JDIFF.

There is so much to see and discover each year at JDIFF, but there is always a certain amount of excitement surrounding the Gala Screenings and Special Presentations. 2010 is no exception. As well as the Opening Gala - Neil Jordan's Ondine - the Gala Screenings are Ciaro Time, which will be attended by director Ruba Nadda and actress Patricia Clarkson and I Am Love, which will also have cast and crew in attendance.

The Special Presentations are rather special this year and include Tim Burton's highly anticipated Alice in Wonderland, Michael Moore's latest documentary Capitalism: A Love Story and the highly secret, widely guessed at, Surprise Film, the identity of which is not revealed until the red curtains open on the night.

JDIFF founder and passionate film fan Michael Dwyer passed away earlier this year, so in honour of him, and the wonderful work he did for film in Ireland, JDIFF have gathered together some of his favourite films to show at the festival this year. These include My Beautiful Launderette and I've Heard The Mermaids Singing. Michael will be missed by all fans of cinema in Ireland and it is fitting that he should have a section of JDIFF dedicated to his memory.

This section of JDIFF is dedicated to Californian underground avant-garde film-maker and author, Kenneth Anger, and shows some of his most iconic works including The Inauguration of The Pleasure Dome and Lucifer Rising.


The Kisten Scott Thomas tribute section is focussing on the actress' French films. As well as new film, Partir, this section of JDIFF includes I've Loved You So Long - which follows a woman as she struggles to fit back into society and her family after 15 years in prison, and An Unforgettable Summer.
As well as all the wonderful movie going experiences above, JDIFF will also showcase Irish Short films and shine the spotlight on up and coming Irish Talent. And don't forget about the Volta Awards which celebrate key members of the film making fraternity and their contribution to world cinema.

All in all, The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2010 is a jam packed 10 days, and there truly is something for every movie goer.

Words - Brogen Hayes



  • ssconnolly

    I like their logo at the top. Anyway the festival sounds good this year, I'll definitely be checking it out.

  • andrewire

    I wish they could raise the quality of the festival though. Every year only a handful of "stars" make it, and that should change. They could very well invite more people. Maybe they do, but really, the festival lacks that star power that usually make those events famous and prestigious. And by "stars" I mean well-known actors and actresses, not necessarily Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They should try the Sundance-type of film festival IMHO; small films, some "stars", some newcomers and some kind of Audience Award [And the nominees should be selected by a especial committee to avoid "PS, I love" you winning a "Best Film" award].

  • tetsujin1979

    got tickets for Alice in Wonderland, and the surprise film.
    might check out whip it as well, met Eve's stunt double from the film when I was in Atlanta in 2008

  • lamda

    Ordered tciekts for six screenings this morning! Yay can't wait.

  • Randy

    I'd wish for the selection to be somewhat more eclectic, and yet it's quite plentiful and hard to choose from. A couple of films though open up a week or so later (Alice, Shutter Island, Chloe), so I'd rather opt to see them then and pay less. I'm definitely going to Io Sono Amore since I've been waiting to see it and Tilda will be there.

  • TheSpecs

    Every year I say I'm gonna go to some of them... But I never do. *sigh*

  • EoinM

    Anyone know if Whip It, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I Love you Phillip Morris and Chloe are going to get theatrical releases in Ireland?

    Would make planning what to see a bit easier.

    I think there is a better mix in the films this year.

  • vu1999uk

    Well according to, they have all received certs., so that would suggest that they (at the moment) intend to release them in cinemas here.  But things change (poor box office in other countries), and a number of films submitted for cinema certs in this country do not get a cinema release.  So in short, there is a an element of risk waiting for these films to open widley in Irish cinemas, but its small. 


    quote :

    Originally Posted By EoinM

    Anyone know if Whip It, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I Love you Phillip Morris and Chloe are going to get theatrical releases in Ireland?

    Would make planning what to see a bit easier.

    I think there is a better mix in the films this year.

  • alanhorkan

    Won a season pass but already bought tickets, gah! Was surprised how quickly things had sold out already.

    Girl with the Dragon Tatoo is nearly sold out, FYI. As it is a Swedish film I'd be very surprised if it got a wide release but it should make it to the IFI or get at least a brief release.

    I'd be very surprised if "Whip it" didn't get a release, it has gotten good reviews.

    I'd say "I Love you Phillip Morris" will get a limited release eventually because of the star power of Jim Carrey but not many reviews. Set for a Summer release in the UK so probably same here but you never know

    I'd be amazed of Chloe didn't get a theatrical release, it would have to get absolutely slated by reviewers to not get a release in which case you wouldn't be missing much. Not many reviews yet

    Accident, a Hong Kong film looks promising to me.
    Hansel and Gretel, a Korean film received high praise from a girl I know who'd seen a preview.
    I still want to see Valhalla Rising even though I heard it got poor reviews in Denmark.

  • gmiskelly

    Going to whip it and mother...nothing else really took my fancy to be honest

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