ARTHUR & LANCELOT Hits Budget Difficulties

Yet another film facing budget problems.

Following yesterday’s news that Alex Proyas’ ‘Paradise Lost’ had its January start dated halted due to budgetary problems, Deadline is saying that writer/director David Dobkin’s action adventure ‘Arthur & Lancelot’ has become the latest film to face financial difficulties.

A “contemporary re-imagining” of the King Arthur legend, Dobkin’s film has Kit Harington (‘Game Of Thrones’) and Joel Kinnaman (‘The Killing’) attached to play the titular roles. The film was originally budgeted at $90 million but Warner Bros. is worried the price tag could reach up to $130 million, and the studio feels that is just too much for a movie with two unproven leads.

The studio has apparently invited Dobkin to set the project up at another studio if he can.