Arrested Development returns

The story follows a mysterious loner, a stranger to all, whose activities and workings remain meticulously outside the law. He is currently in the process of completing a job and trusts no one, while his objectives initially remain unrevealed. His journey, paradoxically both intently focused and dreamlike, takes him not only across Spain but also through his own consciousness. The film uses no names and refers to all characters by description and appearances only.

Fans of Arrested Development can rejoice at the news of a possible film in the works.
Jason Bateman told E! Online that Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard are currently planning for the film. The acclaimed series was cancelled prematurely during its third season though, at the time, it was hinted that a film may be a way to continue the franchise.

Fans that can’t wait to see the cast reunite will be able to see Bateman and on-screen son George-Michael (Michael Cera) in Diablo Cody’s new film Juno from February 8th.