Andrew Garfield Is A Social Media Celeb In Gia Coppola’s MAINSTREAM Trailer

“You can’t be following me!? Like, I’m ‘No One Special’, man.” Filmmaker Gia Coppola follows the critically acclaimed ‘Palo Alto’ with a cautionary tale about the devastating power of social media. Check out the first trailer below.

Stuck working as a bartender at a Hollywood comedy club with her best friend and sometime-lover Jake (Nat Wolff), Frankie (Maya Hawke) questions what today’s society truly values. When she encounters the mysterious Link (Andrew Garfield), she is inspired to film him and upload his anti-commerce rants. With Jake onboard, this trio of outsiders quickly rises to internet stardom. But when manager Mark (Jason Schwartzman) starts making demands to bring in more money, and as she watches Link turn into everything he once denounced, Frankie is faced with the question – is she also becoming the monster she helped create ?