Anchorman 2 Confirmed

Will Ferrell confirms more Ron Burgundy… but will it happen?

It’s been long rumoured but now it seems Will Ferrell has confirmed that there will indeed be a sequel to Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy,

The actor revealed that the team behind the 2004 comedy about a 1970s newscaster are meeting up to discuss the follow-up, claims STV.

He said: “Yeah we’re trying to figure out when and how we should do that. In fact, I think next week we’re going to meet with all the guys and see if we can actually pull this off.”

According to reports Ferrell is looking  to get orginal co-stars Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd involved in the project.

He added: “Because especially with Steve and Paul, they’re in different places with their careers it’s a lot harder to get us all together.”