Amanda Seyfriend talks about Letters To Julliet Gael Garcia Bernal and more

Amanda Seyfriend talks about watching Gael Garc

As far as love stories go, Amanda Seyfried has done remarkably well with hers.

When the pretty young blonde stole the starring role in Mamma Mia she not only found fame and fortune but also the love of her life in her co-star Dominic Cooper.

But that is where the perfection ends. While it seems Amanda and Brit hunk Dom have the idyllic Hollywood love story, they are spending so much time apart thanks to their burgeoning careers that it leaves them no time for love.

Their hectic work schedules mean they are often more than 3,000 miles apart with Amanda in New York and Dom in London. Amanda is no quitter, though, and the matter of an ocean between them hasn’t stopped their romance from blossoming.

She’s busy taking on roles left, right and centre but when the time is right she says she and Dom will devote their lives to their relationship. For now, though, it’s back to work and in her latest movie, Letters to Juliet, Amanda plays Sophie, a young American sweetheart who finds a love letter while on vacation in Italy.

Q: Why did you make a movie like ‘Letters To Juliet’?

AS: “It’s funny; it’s not the type of movie I would normally want to do. Because it’s pretty broad, and light. But it became so much more for me, especially after Vanessa Redgrave signed on. Even though it’s just this romantic movie.”

Q: What were your expectations going into a movie like this?

AS: “I never have expectations anymore. I stopped having expectations as a teenager.”

Q: How come?

AS: “Because of, you know, heartbreak. And disappointment. I’m intimidated so much of the time. And I’ve learned that even a tiny spark of expectation, is so wrong. You just have to go into whatever is. But I end up being too intimidated. So I just came in with that attitude. I just didn’t want to be intimidated. Because it hinders me so much. So I didn’t go in expecting anything, or at least not feeling any hindrance in doing what you’re trying to be doing. And I don’t like being false. I want it to be as real as possible. Without it being actually real. And I think there’s always a way to make everything feel natural. Because we want to be as real as possible. Because that’s the challenge, playing yourself. And making everything make sense to you, in that moment. It’s just like tricking people…I don’t know!”

 Q: Do you think there really is that hostility between Americans and Brits that’s portrayed in the film?

AM: “I don’t know! Not really. I certainly don’t have any issues. But that Charlie, he was really tight-assed. And just…snooty! And probably if Sophie had any inclinations about Brits, then he definitely proved her right. But it was like, ‘who is this brat!’ And ‘how do I let that thing walk away from me, without giving him a piece of my mind.’ I can totally justify it in my mind. But it was all just assumptions. And him making assumptions about her. That’s just how some relationships begin. On the wrong foot! But I hate how I kept saying ‘awesome!”

Q: Do you find in real life that the person giving relationship advice is actually the one who needs it the most?

AS: “Probably. It’s usually how things happen. Um…yes! Listen, Sophie didn’t realize her relationship was sh*t. And was going to not such a good place. But she was so motivated by her job, and not her love life. Which is, you know, kinda normal for a girl her age. I know it is for me. Like sometimes I focus less on my relationship, and more on my career. Because we’re at a stage where we’re building. And developing. So, yeah…”

Q: What films inspire you?

AS: “Titanic. I’m gonna just start naming all the Leo movies! I grew up with that, it was my life. Leonardo was the ultimate actor. That was the foundation of everything that I’ve learned.”

 Q: Gael García Bernal was great in the film.

AS: “He can do anything. He can sit on a toilet and you can watch him, and it’s fascinating. (Laugh) I’m serious! And I got to work with him, that is an absolute pleasure. And he’s so good, he can do anything. And how does he do that? He’s amazing. And he’s so charming. It was funny how our off camera relationship developed. It was slow, but we’re really great pals now. We spent a whole summer together in Italy. I’ve never not gotten along with anybody, but it’s funny, getting to know somebody on set. And not knowing them beforehand, it’s tricky sometimes. But it totally worked.”

Letters To Julliet hits Irish cinemas on 11th June 2010