Amanda Seyfried is Mortal

Amanda Seyfried goes sci-fi

Amanda Seyfried has been confirmed to lead the cast of sci-fi action movie I’m mortal.

From Gattaca writer-director Andrew Niccol, the film follows a society where aging stops at 25 and those wishing to live longer must buy and bank extra time to continue their life.

Seyfried will play a rich hostage who goes on the run with a rebel from the ghetto after he is accused of murdering someone to steal their time.

Niccol admitted that finding actors in their mid-twenties for every role has resulted in “a strange casting process”.

He said: “Even for a small role like a priest or a pawnbroker, where you would normally cast a 75-year-old character actor, I have to find a 75-year-old character actor in a 25-year old body.”