Abrams for Mystery of Fifth Avenue

Cloverfield’s J.J Abrams is look for an apartment…

J.J. Abrams is set to produce “Mystery on Fifth Avenue”, a film based on Penelope Green’s recent New York Times article.

In the story a Fifth Avenue home, described as a giant ’20s-era co-op with Central Park views, was gutted several years ago at the behest of a couple, who later moved in with their four children. An architectural designer who oversaw the rehab job left behind a series of messages, games and treasures, unbeknownst to the family, who eventually unraveled a mystery that featured a poem, a book, a soundtrack and a host of historical figures.

Maya Forbes and Wally Wolodarsky, who recently penned ‘The Rocker’ and ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’, have been tapped to write the adaptation.

EXTRAs: Abrams, who produced ‘Cloverfield’, has a number of producing projects set up at the studio, including ‘Morning Glory’ and ‘Hot for Teacher.’