10 things you need to know about Idris Elba

We bring you trivia about the star of PACIFIC RIM

Idris Elba is one of the coolest actors working today. His name has already been mooted as a successor to Daniel Craig in the Bond franchise, and he has appeared in both THE WIRE and the US version of THE OFFICE.
With PACFIC RIM hitting cinemas this weekend, Movies.ie took the opportunity to bring you ten fascinating facts about Idris Elba.

Idris’s full name is Idrissa Akuna Elba.
… We think Idris is cooler too. Perhaps this is why Neil Gaiman named the TARDIS Idris in the DOCTOR WHO episode THE DOCTOR’S WIFE…?

He has been DJing since 1991, under the name Big Driis the Londoner
… He is a man of many talents.

Idris co-produced a track on rapper Jay-Z’s latest album, “American Gangster”
… See what we mean? Is there anything that Elba can’t do?

Elba is an only child to African immigrants living in England. His father was from Sierra Leone and his mother was from Ghana. His name is of Krio African origin
… Perhaps being an only child led him to discover his talents for performance at an early age.

When talking to fans of THE WIRE, Idris uses his American accent… “Wherever I go the real hard-core drug dealers come up to me and confide in me. I almost feel guilty turning around and saying: ‘Ello, mate. My name’s Idris and I’m from London.’ I don’t want to break the illusion.”
… That’s rather cool and kind of sweet.

Idris’s first credited role was in a 1995 episode of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, entitled ‘Sex’
… AB FAB just got even better!

Elba will portray former South African President, Nelson Mandela, in the film LONG WALK TO FREEDOM, which is based on Mandela’s autobiography.
… If there is anyone who can capture Mandela’s grace and bravery, it’s Idris!

Idris served as a celebrity endorser for Tanqueray gin
… Gin is the drink du jour, and Idris was way ahead of us!

In April 2009, the Prince’s Trust, which Elba credits with helping to start his career, appointed him its Anti-Crime Ambassador
… We like that he is willing to help others as he was helped!

Elba will reprise his role as Heimdall in THOR: THE DARK WORLD
… More good news about the THOR sequel!

PACFIC RIM is in Irish cinemas now.

Words: Brogen Hayes