007 Interview Olga Kurylenko

The 83rd Bond girl talks to us about this weeks new Bond movie Quantum Of Solace

Leggy and seductive Olga is the latest in a long line of 007 leading ladies – 83rd to be exact. With her stunning looks, long legs and sassy attitude, the model turned actress has certainly got what it takes to fill the Bond girl mould, and more.

Rumoured to be dating her 007 director Marc Forster, Olga plays Camille – a feisty femme fatale who is set on revenge after her family are killed.


How did you find working with Daniel Craig?

Daniel was amazing. He’s such a nice guy. He’s a sweet person and very funny. He’s like relaxed and he works really hard. It’s good to see how people that went to that level how they manage it and how they work. I have a lot to learn from him, just how he manages everything and he always does his work perfectly. Every day, he went to the gym and worked with the stunt guys, the fights, because he has to keep training because through the whole film he fights. He really takes a lot of responsibilities.


Who’s your favourite Bond?

Daniel of course. I think because now it’s the modern times and I think the character’s evolved with the modernity of our times and I think his character is more, he’s just more real, he’s kind of like in the fight scenes evolved, like when you fight it seems really dangerous and it’s kind of scary. Like before when I watch the old movies, they were like hitting each other. I thought, oh, that looks – I didn’t believe it anymore. The technique now is so incredible. When you look at old movies they look old. Also looking at Daniel you really believe he can really break someone’s neck. He’s like a strong, tough guy but less like delicate and he’s more raw.


Had you seen all the old Bond movies?

I’ve been living in France for 12 years. So I’ve seen all the movies that came out since ’96. But before when I lived in Ukraine, I was a small girl, I didn’t.


What did you do to get into the feeling of being a Bond girl?

Well for this one I really got a feeling after a month of heavy training, physical training, so I kind of got a feeling, I said, okay… what I got into, it was very intense, a lot of fight training and then body flight, skydiving classes and then firing a gun, stripping a gun apart, putting it back together. All those things. So a lot of technical things basically.


Did you have any input into her look?

The hair is quite natural – there wasn’t any hairdo because we decided Camille is not that type of girl. She’s more of a fighter. She’s not the very glamorous girl that goes to parties and tries to pick up guys. She’s on her mission, she wants revenge, she’s taught how to fight and she’s tried to get the bad guys that she’s angry with. That’s all she cares about. She’s not afraid to get bruised or get cut or get hurt. She’s after a certain person.

Have Bond girls evolved over the years?

Yeah, they have, especially with the last one. We felt it because suddenly the girl was smart and very classy, a very interesting woman so it wasn’t just there to look pretty. So I think they’re evolving. It’s good and I think it’s only going to go in that direction, they can’t go back because of all that we’ve seen, you know, those kind of girls – I think the girls now are going to have much more personality and character. That’s where they’re going and people like it also. I think people have had enough watching just the silly ones. I mean I prefer it.

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